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Welcome to the KingPlushieBros wiki based off the youtube channel! link:

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  • new page Ceffy's package
    created by Thekillinipad
    New page: Ceffy's package is another video in october. Plot Ceffy shows mario something he wants and mario gives in and buys it and the next day (daylight...
  • new page Mario's Pokemon Cards
    created by A FANDOM user
    New page: Mario's pokemon cards is the 1st tkpb video to use pokemon cards. Plot mario buys pokemon cards from the bookstore and they keep dissapearing untill...
  • new page Alvin's 1st Grade P3
    created by Thekillinipad
    New page: Alvin's 1st grade P3 Is the 3rd episode in the series Plot Luigi is caught trying to tell and is killed and cops find ruby and arrest her and then...

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